Ras al Ghul is a cunning swordsman and master of innumerable killing arts.
He is also an excellent marksman and has many of years of combat knowledge.
Other weapons include an infinite amount of deadly assassins and his most loyal servant and protector, Ubu.
Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: International Terrorist
Base of Operations: Mobile
Current Status: Unknown
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Created by: Dennis O'Neil
First Appearance: Batman #232 (June, 1971)
History: Ras al Ghul's true name is lost to the sands of time. Of all the Dark Knight's foes, "The Demon's Head," as his name translates in Arabic, is perhaps the most dangerous. His life extended through periodic immersion in so-called "Lazarus Pits" excavated along Earth's magnetic lines and filled with an alchemical bath of acids and poisons, Ra's al Ghul's plan is simple: to cleanse the Earth through genocide and create a new Eden.

For centuries, he has amassed great wealth and power in this campaign, a crusade almost preordained to bring him into conflict with the Dark Knight. "The Detective," as Ra's al Ghul regards Batman, is his most worthy opponent, and the one man most deserving of wedding his beautiful daughter Talia and inheriting the Demon's empire.

After The Dark Knight's refusel to become his heir, Ras al Ghul continued his quest for global genocide by seeking out weapons such as the ancient Wheel of Plagues, which spawned the Ebola Gulf-A plague that decimated Gotham City years ago. This time the Demon's Head would unleashing an even more deadly strain of the plauge on the entire world. If not for the efforts of the Dark Knight, Ras al Ghul's would have left a lasting "legacy" the world would remember for years to come.

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