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Roven: The whole concept of this Batman is that it will be different from the others because it's going to be much more reality-based in that everything that the character does, a living person today could evolve to do. Everything - all of the equipment - the plane, the car, the cape, everything has a real, scientific, practical reason for being and using and you're going, 'Gee, that could happen today.'

Chud: Are Bale and Oldman signed for multiple movies?

Roven: There are certain of the actors - certainly Christian is on for more than one Batman. A number of the cast - even though there's no guarantee, there's no script, there's no story for what the next incarnation of Batman Begins would be - there are certain actors that the possibility that they would be around if there was going to be one was talked about and those are the ones we negotiated sequels with and there are others that we have not.

Chud: Would you do one with the Joker?

Roven: - You have to see this one to see what possibly will happen in the next one. All of the seeds - if there will be a next one are there even though the exact story for the next one hasn't been worked out. But, we're doing Batman Begins, so you can imagine that you find out the history of the character, why
Bruce Wayne went on the journey to become this character of Batman - how he got there - and also the other characters within this story. They embark on their journeys and maybe become some of his biggest foes.

On Filming

The first two weeks of filming "Batman Begins" have been hampered by 75 mph winds in Iceland, but the crew is moving to London this weekend.

Producer Charles Roven says, "As soon as we set down in Iceland two weeks ago, we were hit with the most crazy weather -- sunny one minute and two hours later a rain storm." The storms have not delayed production, he adds.

Roven also seems very excited about the new design and look for the Batmobile and some of the other gizmos planned for this new Batman film. "The new Batmobile jumps and flies and turns on a dime! It's a fantastic piece of equipment, and there is no CGI [computer generated imagery] for that. It's a cross between Lamborghini and a Humvee -- not like any of the Batmobiles you've seen before."