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The image below was sent in today by a friend of ours that saw it first on the movie website. A quick check of JoBlo does indeed confirm that the picture exists, but they say that their scooper grabbed it from Superhero Hype. Turns out that in fact the image originated on that site's message forums and it may have come from elsewhere on the Internet first.

So, are we looking at a clear, nicely lit shot of Christian Bale in the BATMAN BEGINS Batsuit?
Chances are good that it is Bale; the suit matches up with what we've seen in earlier photos. Warner Bros., the film's copyright owner, hasn't commented on the photo yet.

Casting Call - Batman Begins

Christian Bale - Batman
Michael Caine - Alfred Pennyworth
Katie Holmes - Rachel Dawes
Cillian Murphy - The Scarecrow
Liam Neeson - Henri Ducard
Morgan Freeman - Lucius Fox
Ken Watanabe - Ra's Al Ghul
Gary Oldman - James Gordon
Tom Wilkinson - Carmine Falcone
Rutger Hauer - Richard Earle
Linus Roache - Thomas Wayne
Sara Stewart - Martha Wayne

Batman Movie Countdown

            B A T M A N     B E G I N S