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DC Comics' Paul Levitz said that he's "never worked with a team that loved and respected a character more" than the one that is working on Batman Begins.

"I have never had an experience remotely like what I've seen on Batman Begins," Levitz said during Wizard World Chicago. "The entire team, from top to bottom, cares about the characters, is interested in the mythology and has reached deep into it to find the best way to do it."

Levitz praised the attention to detail of director Chris Nolan.

"From our point of view, while Chris has certainly been kind to his openess of the process, he's certainly been the personal compass for where this is going," Levitz said. "He has a sensibility for all aspects of it. From the first conversations where he and David (Goyer, writer) came in to start talking about the script to everything else we've seen, he's had a tremendous personal passion for getting this absolutely right in every detail. And I think from what you've seen in the trailer and what you'll see on the screen next summer, it will be testimony to that."

Levitz said that the creative choices in the film were scrutinized over and over.

"You may or may not always agree with the
conclusions the team has come to, but the amount of effort that has gone into what will fit with what has been tremendous," Levitz said.

"My absolute favorite moment of the process was during one Saturday afternoon when the phone rang, and it was Chris stuck on a word as he was playing with one of the rewrites. 'What would go with this?' And I got Denny (O'Neil) on the phone and we went back and forth. And Chris still came up with the answer."

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