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One of the reasons why so many people like films about superheroes is the villains that fight them, Some of the best superhero movies ever made are The Dark Knight trilogy, which is arguably the best film adaptation of Batman.

Throughout The Dark Knight trilogy, Batman fought a lot of great villains. While some of them had a huge impact on his life, others were a threat to the entire city of Gotham. From League of Shadows leaders such as Bane and the al Ghul family to Gotham's most dangerous criminals like the Joker, these villains are some of the best superhero films have to offer. 7. Joe Chill - Killed Bruce's Parents

Despite not being in the trilogy that much, Joe Chill was arguably the villain to have the greatest impact to the movies, as he murdered Bruce's parents. After the Wayne family left an opera show, Joe mugged Thomas and Martha. He then killed the two of them, changing Bruce's life forever. When he went to prison, he was Carmine Falcone's cellmate.

He was able to learn things about the mafia boss and revealed all of the information he had fourteen years after the Waynes' deaths in exchange for his freedom. He was murdered in front of Bruce by an assassin that Carmine Falcone hired moments after receiving early parole.
6. Scarecrow - Showed People Their Darkest Fears

As a psychiatrist, Jonathan Crane tried to get as many criminals into Arkham as he could, making it seem that he would take care of them. However, in reality, he would make them face their greatest fears with a drug that he made. While doing so, he would also wear a mask and call himself Scarecrow, which resulted in the fear of his victims increasing.

Scarecrow was one of the first villains that Batman fought in the trilogy, and played a huge role in Ra's al Ghul's attack on Gotham. After Ra's al Ghul's death, Scarecrow continued to commit crimes for a while before finally being arrested. However, he was freed eight years later as criminals took control of the