Batgirl's cowl is Kevlar-lined helmet with an outer layer made of micro-memory cloth. Her cowl also has Starlite nightvision lenses and a radio link to Oracle.
Her costume is comprised of black leather and Kevlar.
Weapons include several modified Batarangs, a grapnel launcher, multifunction binoculars, a gas mask and various gas capsules. These and other devices are stored in her utility belt.
Real Name: Cassandra Cain
Occupation: Crime Fighter
Base of Operations: Blüdhaven
Current Status: Unknown
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 123 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Created by: Kelley Puckett
First Appearance: Batman #567 (July, 1999)
History: Mercenary David Cain theorized that a child raised in the absence of conventional language and instead exposed to almost nothing but fighting would come to learn violence as a language of its own. His first attempts with random infants failed, leading Cain to believe genetic potential played a part. So he had a child of his own with an as-yet-unidentified woman.

Cassandra held her own in daily spars with various assassins and her father. By age eight, she had mastered nearly every form of armed and unarmed combat. But Cain's plains came to a halt with her first "hit." Unable to deal with having killed, the young mute girl ran away and spent years traveling the world evading her father, finally arriving in Gotham during its period as a "No Man's Land".

Initially working as a courier for Oracle, a.k.a. Barbara Gordon (the first Batgirl), Cassandra demonstrated her true abilities and loyalties when she protected Commissioner Gordon from Cain's bullet. Impressed by the teenage girl, Batman recruited her, giving her a costume previously worn by Huntress which Cassandra adapted for her own use.

Batgirl has, over time, gained the ability to speak, but remains illiterate. She became recognized as the world's best fighter when she defeated lady Shiva in duel, and has proven herself as a true hero time and again - so much so that Batman recently sent Batgirl to Blüdhaven to complete the work Nightwing had started.

In Blüdhaven, Cassandra has begun to forge a life of her own. Batgirl recently found herself the target of Deathstroke and his daughter the Ravager. This encounter caused Cassandra to reexamine her parentage, and she has since set out to discover her mother's identity.

Last Update: July 9, 2005
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