Nightwing's mask includes a built-in radio transmitter/receiver and Starlite night-vision lenses.
His costume is Nomex fire-resistant and lined with triple-weave Kevlar.
Weapons include twin Escrima sticks made from a shatterproof polymer, customized "Batarangs", decel monofilament jumplines and grapnels, gas capsules and rebreather. These and other devices are stored in his forearm gauntlets.
Real Name: Richard Grayson
Occupation: Police Officer
Base of Operations: Mobile
Current Status: Active
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Created by: Marv Wolfman
First Appearance: Tales Of The New Teen titians #44 (February, 1984)
History: Dick Grayson was born into a circus dynasty, son of the world-renowned acrobatic aerialist "The Flying Graysons." As a youngster, Dick wowed audiences with his dynamic and near-impossible high-wire displays. But when the circus cam to Gotham, Dick's world would come crashing down. "Boss" Zucco, pursuing a vendetta against Haly's Circus, had Dick's parents executed in the middle of their performance.

By chance billionaire Bruce Wayne was in attendance that night. As Batman, he protected and comforted the young boy after the death of his parents. Bruce took Dick as his ward and offered him a chance to avenge his parents' death by trained him to become his crimefighting partner: Robin.

After bringing Zucco to justice, Dick became invaluable to Batman as a partner, a happy counterpoint to his brooding darkness. But Dick's attention became increasingly divided between his duties as Batman's partner and his life as the leader of the Teen Titans. When Dick had a falling out with Batman, he adopted the name of "Nightwing" and returned to action outside of the Dark Knight's Shadow.

Looking for direction in the aftermath of his tenure with the Titans, Dick eventunally found new purpose in city of Blüdhaven, Gotham's corrupt, crime-ridden neighbor, and would pull crimefighting double duty when he became a policeman.

Nightwing has recently decided to take a bold new direction in his crimefighting carere, going undercover to bring down the New York City mob.

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